Dinosaur Teeth....Squeeze All its Goodness Out....for Yourself ! Way to Do Dino...

Clean your Tongue with a tongue cleaner, before Sleeping at Night or when you are ready to Call the Day Off.
Take a pinch or two of Dino onto your palm and with a wet finger, apply it all over your Gums & Teeth. You may massage harder on your Teeth, but be Gentle on Gums. Gums Gently Always.

Once Done take some water into the mouth, and Rotate it with the Dino already applied for atleast the ‘Magical Minute’ or more and then Rinse the water Out.

Once you get up in the Morning, NO Need to do Dino immediately again.
Just Clean the Tongue with a tongue cleaner & then simply Rotate fresh water Only for a Minute.
Lo and Behold the Dino freshness of the last evening Returns…
After Breakfast you Do the Dino, and you are Protected, Fresh & feeling Clean the Whole Day !

NOW THE BEST PART – After Lunch – Get the Best out of your Dino – Use it as a Mouthwash.
NO Need of finger to apply – YET Freshness & Cleanliness you have Never Experienced Before – Guaranteed.
Add a pinch or two of Dino directly into your Mouth. Add some water and Rotate for the ‘Magical Minute’….and You Shall Experience Bliss – the Dino Promise – No Less.

If You want to use Dino as a Mouthwash at Night, without using finger, you very well may do that. The effectiveness shall remain the same.

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