Special Suggestions while using Dino for Best Possible Results in case of Bad Breath

Toothpastes have Only artificial fragrance to Cover Up the Bad Breath.
Rest they Rely on Brushes to Clean & Remove Food Particles from every nook & corner of the Mouth and firm in-between teeth. In their gusto, the Toothbrush is used aggressively and being abrasive, it slowly keeps hurting the Gums, cumulatively creating bigger Gums issues later like Sensitive Teeth & Bleeding Gums, adding further to the bad-breath issue.
When toothpastes & toothbrushes fail, people adopt alcohol & or Chemical Menthol or Mint flavoured Mouthwashes, that eventually creates Gums Issues. Then they even resort to Dental Floss to remove food particles from in-between teeth. This helps, but the Floss-Thread creates a bigger room for food particles to get stuck, creating a Flossing Dependence forever. The floss-thread, accidently can go down harder, hurting the Gums.
Dino has an Edge Over all other Oral Products anywhere in the world in treating Bad Breath with other Gums Issues. It is Our USP.

Dino is Completely Natural & its Real Anti-Microbial Herbs, well formulated, play the Healing role.
Our Secret family recipe & process to create Fitkary (Alum) Bhasma for Dino, creates the ‘edge’.
This element has the Natural Property to Squeeze Out all the food particles anywhere within your Mouth & also in-between the teeth, when Dino is rotated with water for a ‘Magical’ Minute.
You Realize being Squeaky Clean, and the Bad-Breath goes for a toss, all Naturally.

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