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Get Free Dino Sample

We send via DTDC.
Reaches within 2-7 working days anywhere in India*

sample with badge optimised

₹ 99 shipping charges

QR optimised
Scan this QR Code and Send ₹99 to Vaidyaraj Anil / Anil Kumar Dogra

and get your free sample of Dino (Approx 10 Gms) after sharing the transaction screenshot and your details (Name, Address and Phone Number) via WhatsApp to +919810260704.

Available on All Upi Apps (Paytm, Gpay, PhonePe)

If QR not working, Send Payment Directly to +919810260704

*If any issue, contact us on our WhatsApp Number (+919810260704) after 7 days of dispatching. We shall make sure you get your Dino Sample.

Ours is No Refund No Return Policy. Dinosaur Teeth is a Well Researched Fully ‘Baked’ Product. Due to this Policy, a Small Company is able to Serve you Well & Consistently. Thanks for Appreciating this Viewpoint.

i bet u just can’t feel satisfied
by ur toothpaste.

  • Bad-Breath
  • Sensitivity
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Mouth Ulcers

u jump to Mouthwash to
Dental Floss
to God Knows
then u Give Up.


Industry throw at u…
The Me Too
…with not what
u need…

but what they want u to have.
Dinosaur changes it all for u.

Try Dino Once

& u shall thank us for someone
thinking about u for Once !