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We send via DTDC.
Reaches within 2-7 working days anywhere in India*

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140 gms
Powerful Enough
to Last Months

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Scan this QR Code and Send ₹900 ( or in multiples if you Order More ) to Vaidyaraj Anil / Anil Kumar Dogra

and get your bottle(s) of Dino (140 Gms each) after sharing the transaction screentshot and your details (Name, Address and Phone Number) via WhatsApp to +919810260704.

Available on All Upi Apps (Paytm, Gpay, PhonePe)

If QR not working, Send Payment Directly to +919810260704

*If any issue, contact us on our WhatsApp Number (+919810260704) after 7 days of dispatching. We shall make sure you get your Dino.

Ours is No Bulk Discount, No Wholesale Price, Only Direct to Consumers Policy. We Want to Remain focused in Serving You All  & Forever.

Ours is No Refund No Return Policy. Dinosaur Teeth is a Well Researched Fully ‘Baked’ Product. Due to this Policy, a Small Company is able to Serve you Well & Consistently. Thanks for Appreciating this Viewpoint.

i bet u just can’t feel satisfied
by ur toothpaste.

  • Bad-Breath
  • Sensitivity
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Mouth Ulcers

u jump to Mouthwash to
Dental Floss
to God Knows
then u Give Up.


Industry throw at u…
The Me Too
…with not what
u need…

but what they want u to have.
Dinosaur changes it all for u.

Try Dino Once

& u shall thank us for someone
thinking about u for Once !