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Sensitive Teeth, Bleeding Gums & All Gums Diseases, Mouth Ulcers Special Advise
Vaidyaraj Anil

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Bad Breath
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Why the Name Dinosaur Teeth

No we do not have any animal product let alone a Dinosaur ( ha ha ha) in our Toothpowder.
Its Pure Veg with scores of Jain Munis in an around Mumbai & Gujarat..one of its biggest fans.

Why Dinosaur ?

When a human being dies of age in 80s or 90 yrs, its teeth did fall off long ago….but when Dinosaur Died after living a 1000 years…its Gums did not let go off its teeth ! Dinosaur teeth were found along with the skull and facial bones !!
Dinosaur Gums were So So Strong …they just did not let go of the teeth.

Dinosaur Teeth Toothpowder makes your Gums Strongest. More you rotate it with water Stronger they become, and that too Naturally…Hence the name Dinosaur Teeth !!

Herbal Toothpastes are fake

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'finger' connected to 'Brain'

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Tongue Cleaning
a Must for All

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People Behind the Dino

Vaidyaraj Family

Vaidyaraj Anil belongs to the family of traditional healers, serving Bharat since 1905.
The family legacy is being taken forward by Vaidyaraj Ankit, most fulfillingly.

We believe that Ayurved is Gods’ Own Word & it is Our Solemn Duty to explore it further to create Herbal Marvels, that best serve the humanity.

Our website, VaidyarajAnil.com depicts an authority in the Cure for Psoriasis & Other Incurable Skin Diseases.

POOPpeeppers.com depicts Cure for all Mental Spectrum Issues from Stress, Depression, Anxiety to OCD, BiPolar, ADHD onto ASD issues…& Schizophrenia & Psychosis.

Our Research is focussed & minimilistic in character , but has its impact wide enough to create well-baked solutions that prove to be the Category Killers

Dinosaur Teeth Toothpowder & Mouthwash – 2 in 1 Product is a Category Killer in Oral Health.

Dino Getting Featured

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Dinosaur Teeth Toothpowder & Mouthwash - A Revolutionary 2-in-1 Oral Health Solution by Vaidyaraj Anil & family, traditional family healers since 1905

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Dinosaur Teeth, a Holistic Solution to Sensitive Teeth, Bleeding Gums and Bad Breath

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…We are Blessed to receive such Appreciative Feedbacks, by the Hundreds every week. Regretfully, We Can’t Post them all here.
Rotating Dino for a Magical Minute does this all – All Naturally!

Dino is a Blessed Product.

Ours is No Bulk Discount, No Wholesale Price, Only Direct to Consumers Policy. We Want to Remain focused in Serving You All  & Forever.

Ours is No Refund No Return Policy. Dinosaur Teeth is a Well Researched Fully ‘Baked’ Product. Due to this Policy, a Small Company is able to Serve you Well & Consistently. Thanks for Appreciating this Viewpoint.